SAN FRANCISCO, CA (December 2019): The Boostlingo team is excited to announce the Boostlingo’s mobile app’s newest updates that recently came out following their big 3.5 release on November 4, 2019. During that release, Boostlingo announced 25 new features to their best in class OPI/VRI caller app, making it their biggest release to date. 


Now, another mobile app update has been released, and the Boostlingo team is can’t wait for users to start taking advantage of it. The Boostlingo team is excited to announce expense management for interpreters has arrived on their mobile applications. The newest update is available on iOS devices now and is coming soon to Androids. The newest update includes: 


Expenses Tab Added to the Navigation Menu: The Expenses Management screen will now be accessible for interpreters by access through the app menu. The screen will display appointments by two categories, with or without expenses. Only appointments that have not yet been invoiced will be displayed. The list of appointments will be searchable and filterable. Filters can be applied “With Expenses” or “Without Expenses” 


Appointment Expenses

Selecting an appointment in the Expense Management screen is now easier. It will open the appointment’s expense screen, this screen will display active expenses created by either an interpreter or LSC administrator. An interpreter user will have the ability to Add, Delete, and Edit expenses only that they have created.


Expense Form Has Been Added

Creating expenses will now be done in the appointment expense screen through an expense form. This form will also be displayed when an already existing expense is selected in the appointment. You can also attach your own document. 


“We are always excited to release new updates to our platform to give our users a better experience. From day one we’ve always been about helping language service companies and their interpreters scale their interpretation business quickly and efficiently. We know that these new enhancements will provide organization and productivity.” 


The new Boostlingo Web Version 3.5 and Boostlingo Mobile Version 1.10.0 are now available for all Boostlingo app users. 

About Boostlingo: Boostlingo is a language software and technology company based in San Francisco, California. Boostlingo is focused on defining the next generation of interpretation technology solutions. Boostlingo software is device agnostic, infinitely scalable and compliant across all common regulatory and security requirements. By providing access to interpretation delivery and management applications including On-Demand VRI, OPI, and On-Site scheduling services, Boostlingo intends to advance global access and support from the interpreter services community. Learn more about Boostlingo at


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