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The Unified Interpretation

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Cloud Communication


Connect Qualified interpreters in seconds with cloud audio streaming. No internet required, calls can be forwarded to existing land-lines or, go next gen and take your call streaming to your smart device.


Stunning Video quality across every device. Robust, bandwidth-adaptive 1080p 30FPS gives you unprecedented access to an interpreter in any situation.

medical interpretationinterpretation scheduling platforminterpretation scheduling platform

Boostlingo Scheduling

Schedule OPI/VRI/OSI

Geo-Tracking of Interpreters

Full Expense and Billing Management

Manage Thousands of Appointments with ease

interpretation scheduling platforminterpretation scheduling platform
san francisco

Mobile Scheduling

An Interpreters best friend!
Manage your day, confirm and
coordinate your appointments,
all from one application!

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Boostlingo is the first and most comprehensive Unified Interpretation Management Platform available on the market today.

Boostlingo was designed specifically for Language Service Agencies and Language Support Organizations has quickly become one of the most widely adopted software systems across the global interpretation industry. The Boostlingo platform has been developed to ensure that language service providers will be able to reduce costs associated with the administration and management of interpretation services and activities, drive new operational efficiencies, increase gross margins and scale your unique language interpretation business needs to meet any situation or demand!

Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI)

Over the Phone Interpreting

Let Boostlingo drastically cut your Language Services cost by using our Over the Phone Interpretation platform.

video remote interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) helps people Interact more personally than traditional Over The Phone interpreting.

Interpretation Scheduling

On-site Scheduling 

Streamline interpretation management workflow for on-site interpretation appointments with Boostlingo’s robust scheduling management features.


  • Healthcare

    Boostlingo is dedicated to improving healthcare communication with technology that ensures high quality access to certified language interpreting services for healthcare and medical professionals across the globe. Our platform guarantees 24/7 ease of access and support to professional multilingual resources who are medical/healthcare terminology experienced and understand healthcare industry regulatory compliance for both privacy and security.

  • Legal and Judicial

    Without an interpreter available, courtroom communications can break down and proceedings can experience serious legal challenges, delays and consequences. That is why Boostlingo has created a platform that expands real-time language support in legal and courtroom situations for both on-demand and scheduled video remote and telephonic (over-the-phone) interpreting services. Our intuitive interpreter management modules facilitate unprecedented access to legal interpretation services.

  • Corporate

    Boostlingo Interpretation technology connects your mission critical business communications with professional language services to help increase both domestic and global markets access and enable better community and also international business relations and opportunities for your organization.

HEALTHCARE interpreting, LEGAL AND JUDICIAL interpreting, CORPORATE interpreting


Data sprawl is the ultimate productivity killer and simply put your accounting data always needs to be under control! Your financial and operational information must be in sync! That’s why Boostlingo is making your business accounting workflow even more unified with native Quickbooks™ Integration. Supporting both Desktop and Online, your interpretation data will now always be connected. Everyone from Schedulers, office managers, interpreters, customers and owner will now ALWAYS be on the same page.

quickbooks integration
  • Benefits

    Improve operational efficiency by relying on a single system of record

    Prevent Data Sprawl

    Reduce duplicated efforts of your admins and your accounting staff

    Improve business processes without changing them

  • Configure

    Support for Online and Desktop versions

    Web Connectos support for OnPrem Instances

    API support for Online Instances

    Sync manually or on Schedule

    Sync a new invoice or appending to an existing

  • Customize

    Customize how transactions are displayed

    Customize which Customers to sync and which to skip

    Use in tandem with the Boostlingo invoices module or skip and feed transactions directly


Interpreters we are listening to you! We built this software specifically with YOU in mind.


Map and Address – interpreters on the go can share Live location data to get scheduled to the closest appointments.


Access – interpreter profiles give quick access to call history, rates, permissions, CV/Resumes and a personalized calendar.


Today List – see today’s appointments that need your attention 1st


Earnings dashboards – tracks earnings in real-time for all the services you provide.


Rating – track your ratings to understand how your call quality and interpretation quality improves overtime.


Choosing Boostlingo has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. We were searching for a comprehensive solution and their innovative system is helping us take our business to the next level.

Eric EvansExecutive Director of Operations - Maven Language Solutions

Boostlingo is not just a provider-Transglobal sees them as a partner! From a hope came a reality. In as short as 6 months, we have an operational call center for OPI/VRI, all the while they have supported us in every move.

Natalia VernigoraExecutive Director - Transglobal Incorporated

The software and technology are game changers. We are closing more clients weekly.

Denise VazquezFounder/President - iTek Interpreting Solutions


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